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win-win Community of Kharly😊 Welcome to our Fan partners. Many Kharly fans are already earning by sharing their code or link with friends and family.

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They will save 10% off when they use your code and you will earn $5 every time someone completes a purchase, unlimited times.

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I will give you  3 EASY WAYS on  how others are earning $5 unlimited dollars:

  • Our Kharly Fan partners are uploading Review Videos on their TIKTOK adding their unique discount code, also using hashtags as #kharly, #kharlyreview to go Viral.

    Some of those videos are starting to go Viral organically, which means more Earnings.

  • Share your unique link with anyone that has a car.

  • Take a picture of your kharly product and share it on your social media, people will ask you what it is or how to buy it, then share with them your code or link. 

$1,000 DOLLARS

As a token of appreciation, our Kharly™ Fan Partners who upload videos to their Tiktok accounts will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win up to $1,000. We will be reviewing all uploaded videos that have the hashtag #kharlyreview or #kharly.


Will you pay me $5 for each person who buys with my code?

Yes, for each friend, family member that purchases with your code you will be adding $5 dollars unlimited

When do I get paid?

The first week of each month.

How do I get paid?

Payments will be made by paypal or zelle.

How we will keep track of your sales?

We will keep track of your Referrals on our platform, which will be attached in detail each month.

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